Since the 1980s, Team Chamberlain has been a leader in the local real estate market, having made over a billion in sales. 

We are a dedicated and experienced team of individuals, and we are looking to help you make the best real estate decision possible, whether you're looking to buy your new dream home, sell your loved home for top dollar, manage your real estate investment properties through a professionally trained team, or anything in between. We are here to make your real estate experience hassle-free, where you can reap the benefits from our hard-working team. 



Although real estate teams or realtors can attain a license without even a high school degree, the real estate advice our team gives comes from our extensive background in education. Our team boasts degrees from UCLA, Loyola Law, and other prestigious universities, and our team holds degrees in real estate law, marketing, finance, tax, and interior design. Such a background ensures that you have the most hassle free experience possible — all while making sure to substantially increase the sale price of your home and minimize your exposure to complicated legal processes. With Team Chamberlain’s extensive education, you can be sure that we will take care of you in the best way possible.

Dave Chamberlain is truly an educated professional who helped us make smart choices with our real estate decision. Also, Linda’s interior design knowledge really made our house look superb! I can really tell a difference between work that we’ve done with Team Chamberlain versus other real estate agencies.
— Mark, Sold a property with Team Chamberlain


While we boast over a billion dollars in sales over 30 years and are ranked with the largest real estate company in the world, our biggest asset to our clients comes from our detailed experience and knowledge in all critically related fields of real estate, including mortgage, title, and escrow, and how they interact with the real estate transaction.

Team Chamberlain owns companies including First Choice Escrow, specializing specifically in all matters relating to escrow, Coast Financial Group to ensure healthy mortgage blah, and a Title company that makes sure there are no complicated issues regarding the titles of the property. With veteran experience, Team Chamberlain has successfully solved hundreds of problems that would usually cause transactions to fail. Our experience takes matters out of your hands and allows you to enjoy a hassle-free transaction that would normally cause much headache and stress. 

Team Chamberlain is so experienced. they are so cool! They take care of you in the best way possible. PRoBleM with title and they foudn it out and i was so glad!
— The Best Customer, Bought 3 properties with Team Chamberlain

Marketing and Advertising

In terms of advertising, many average realtors just use real estate listing websites, install signs, and prepare brochures. However, we go the extra mile to distribute a full-color description of your home to over 50,000 potential buyers by direct mail. We don't do this just once, but again and again until your home is sold for the highest value possible. Additionally, we advertise properties on Zillow (where we are featured) and to hundreds of buyers who are searching for a new home. 

Also, while other realtors just hire professional photographers to take photos of a property, Team Chamberlain takes not only professional photos, but also 360 photo-views of your property and a full edited drone video to showcase the attractive features of a property. 

We also not only sell an exceptionally high percentage of homes through the Multiple Listing Service — the platform most agents use to list properties — but we also enlist hundreds of fine agents from companies such as Realty Executives, Century 21, Remax, Coldwell Banker, First Team, Keller Williams, Main Street, and more, all just to ensure that you sell your property for top dollar. 

As our client, you have the benefit of having the entire real estate community to work for you, as well as our extensive education and experience to back you. In this way, we ensure you top dollar and optimize and protect your interests all throughout your real estate decisions.