We first listed with a friend and the buyer backed out! Then we hired Team Chamberlain. They quickly sold it for $50,000 more! They do much more than any other company to keep our values up! You owe it to yourself and your neighbors to hire the Chamberlains.
— Eunice Lee, Former Owner of 8166 & 8102 Mulberry, Cypress
We had huge worries about finances, home fix up, retiring, and moving out of state! Listing with Team Chamberlain was the best thing we could have done! They’ve taken the problems and we are enjoying the excitement! With their education and experience and all they do for our neighborhood, it was an easy choice!
— Steve & Gloria Beeson, 3425 Kaylor, Long Beach
The Chamberlains sold our home for $50,000 more than the other realtors suggested as a list price. They also suggested and took care of a few presale improvements. I’m a tough businessman and there’s nobody else with the knowledge and marketing ability of Dave Chamberlain in the real estate industry!
— Fasil & Misbeh Haroon, Former Owners of 4800 Fir, Seal Beach
We’ve known and loved the Chamberlains for over 20 years! They loaned us the money to remodel our home so we could net an extra $60K-80K and keep the prices in the neighborhood higher!
— The Eperson Family, Former Owners of 4222 Devon, Cypress
We have been trying to relocate to the beach for a number of years, but couldn’t afford it or put together a plan to do so. Thanks to your innovative approach, your positive and caring attitude, and your unparalleled work ethic, our seemingly unrealistic dream became a reality. There was never a feeling that you were doing things just to “make a sale.” We felt that you were truly looking out for us and doing what was right. The most important thing a realtor provides to a client is trust. You were extremely honest and straightforward with us and we really appreciate it. Thank you so much for everything
— Frank and Yolanda Lofland, Former Rossmoor Homeowners
There were some frustrating moments for all of us as we waited for the offer to come in, but the end results were very good for me. I highly recommend your office to anyone considering listing their home for sale.
— Mike Murphy, Former Rossmoor Homeowner
The Chamberlain’s have been extremely professional and got me the house I wanted. Best thing about buying a house recently is that it brought me a good friend. I gave my price target to him and he went out of his way to make it happen. The best realtor experience I have ever had in my life.
— Rajesh M
*Disclosure- Reviews may be edited for length and clarity.